Banky - Invest in yourself. Invest in your community.

Growth Your Future

Banky's Mission

  • Engage with our community to increase financial literacy.
  • Create products and services that empower people to save for their future.
  • Give Back 1% of profits. Allow people to form groups and vote on which organizations Banky Give Back charitable donations will be made to.

Why choose Banky?

Grow your money

Earn up to 15 times the average interest of major banks with our savings account.


  • Banky isn't a bank. This means we can deliver higher interest rates and products faster to market.
  • We are focused on paying fair interest rates, empowering communities, helping grow everyone's financial future.
  • We always have 100% of client funds and 30% company reserves in our accounts that have either FDIC or SPIC protections.


  • Banky publishes asset and liability details quarterly.
  • Banky uses Blockchain technoloy for an immutable ledger of all financial transactions.


  • We are responsive to community product requests.
  • We want frictionless financial services and are working hard developing a service you will love.